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Cool Websites

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Cool Websites
ConneCT Kids and the Colonial Robin are always on the lookout for interesting websites for kids that are fun, educational, safe and commercial-free. Here are some of our favorites.
National Gallery of Art NGA Kids - Adventures in art for kids.
PBS Kids - Public Broadcasting Fun website.
Sesame Street Website for kids and parents.
Download-a-Dinosaur - Designs for easy-to-make paper dinosaurs
Chess for Kids - Learn how to play chess with animated graphics. Membership required for advanced features, but basic instruction is free.
Reading Planet - RIF reading is fun site.
Design a Bridge - Design and build a real bridge with free software developed by the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Enter your bridge design in the contest. Learn while you design and test your design.
Trucking Across the 50 States - Fun information on the 50 states for truck drivers, but great for students too. Thanks Taylor!

Learn the 50 States - Links for state facts, trivia, geography games maps, flags, puzzles and more!

Identify State Capitals by Their Picture - Look closely at the pictures for clues (like palm trees).
Hats off to Firefighters, active and retired, who risk their lives to keep us safe!

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