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{Picture Puzzles}

Pictures are divided into blocks. The blocks are then scrambled. See if you can arrange the scrambled blocks to recreate the original picture. Four levels from easy to expert.

{Word Seek}  


Word Seek takes a simple list of words and hides them in a field of random letters. Words may be hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forward, or backward.  English  |  Español



Test your memory with Concentration. It starts with a group of cards face down. Click each card to turn it over. Try to find another card that exactly matches the image under any other card. English  |  Español

You can Color Online OR Print Pages to color fun things in Connecticut, from Aquariums to Zoos.  Be sure to visit the links to information & directions for these attractions and discover the many wonderful surprises in Connecticut!



Jumble randomly scrambles the letters of phrases. See if you can guess the original phrase. Click in the applet to solve; and once solved, click again for a new jumble.

{Quiz Connecticut}




Test your knowledge of Connecticut State Symbols, Government and History with Quiz Connecticut

Think you know a lot about Connecticut? Find out how much you don't know with these 50 tough questions about Connecticut history, people, government, events, places and things. ConneCTrivia is for experts only! 

Also visit other Connecticut State agency sites for more games and fun...

And Federal Government Kids Sites at 



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