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The State Troubadour - Nekita Waller

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About Nekita Waller

Nekita Waller is a professional singer who has been performing in the state for decades. She won a statewide talent contest as a teen and had her stage debut at the Apollo Theater before Steve Harvey. She has won several singing awards including 2015’s Northwest Idol in Torrington. Nekita currently performs popular music with a band and sings for special events such as Veterans Day and Martin Luther King Day programs, and in nursing homes, schools, and other venues.

Her “Connecticut Anthem” video shows her considerable talents and passion for the state. “We are an inclusive state. We are as different as the seasons here in Connecticut. I hope my song paints a picture of the beautiful place I call home,” she said.

As Connecticut’s first African American State Troubadour, Nekita wants to use this title to visit schools and meet children who don’t have the same level of opportunities afforded to them as others. “Music is my purest form of communication. It doesn’t care how much money you have, where you were born, the color of your skin, or how old you are,” notes Nekita. “There is no greater feeling or purpose than to help another person. Whether it is to make someone smile, dance, brighten their day or help them reach a better level of themselves, this is life’s greatest award.”

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