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Author Charis Freiman-Mendel
If you would like more recipes and S.A.T. help, you may purchase Charis's book which is available on and
Just search on "cook your way through the s.a.t."
Current new copy price is $10.79
The book will be in bookstores soon.
Please visit Charis's website:
She also has a  youtube channel called "SATgourmet" that you can subscribe to, and you can like "Cook Your Way Through The S.A.T." on Facebook.
Would you like to publish your own book? Charis has some advice for you. "Any kid can self-publish like I did. We used CreateSpace which is the Amazon self-publish company and they were great all along the way. We had never done this before and they answered all of our questions to help make things easy. When you read a book, you have no idea how much work went into making that book. My book took two years, and we did it over and over lots of times until we got it right. You just need an idea and follow it through from start to finish. Any kid can do it."
If you have questions or comments for Charis can reach her by email: or by going to her website: and clicking on the "Contact Charis."

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