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In the Spotlight
Visiting Artist

Kids, have you ever wanted to know how to design a website? Visiting Artist Alexandria Wong can help you to get started.

The Visiting Artist pages provide access to the works of Connecticut's best artists, and will help you become familiar with their art.  The artists have also agreed to correspond with you regarding their work, so please feel free to contact them.  Also, please let us know your comments and suggestions.


It is the purpose of the ConneCT Kids Visiting Artist program to provide school aged children with one means to become more familiar with the works of Connecticut artists. It is hoped that through this familiarity, they might find the inspiration and confidence to create their own works of art, and to express themselves in unique and self-fulfilling ways through the arts. Artists from all artistic disciplines are invited to display their works on these pages under the following rules.

    1. All works submitted for display will be accompanied by the following message. “This material is reproduced with the permission of the author/creator and is covered by United States copyright laws. Any copies of this material should contain the author/creator's name and/or original source.” Enforcement of any copyright violations resulting from the posting of works on these pages will be the responsibility of the artist/creator.

    2. All works submitted for display must be focused on school-aged children (K–12) or have a childhood theme, and must be entirely appropriate for distribution to those age groups.

    3. The ConneCT Kids Committee reserves the right to decide which works are appropriate for display and to reject any works that might not be suitable for showing through a state government sponsored activity.

    4. The ConneCT Kids Committee reserves the right to decide which works will be displayed in any particular month without regard to order received.

    5. All artists submitting works for display must agree to provide answers to questions from children regarding their art. This could be by postal address, telephone, fax, email or through the ConneCT Kids Webmaster email. It is hoped that this effort might, in some small way, open an increased dialog between Connecticut children and Connecticut artists.

    6. All submissions must be accompanied by a completed release form

    7. While submissions will be archived and available for viewing after the featured period, artists may submit a written request to have their works removed from the page at any time.

Artists do not have to provide internet ready works, but may do so if they have the appropriate equipment, software and publishing skills. The ConneCT Kids Committee will provide any necessary assistance to convert submitted works to a format suitable for internet publication. We will accept graphics files, word processing documents, photographs and original documents. Video clips or audio files cannot be accepted at this time.

For further information, you may contact the ConneCT Kids Committee at

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the ConneCT Kids Visiting Artist Program is to provide Connecticut school-aged children with increased access to Connecticut arts through direct exposure to art specifically targeted at their age group, and to allow them to establish a dialog with artists from all artistic disciplines. Our stated goals are as follows.

    1. To provide Connecticut children with increased access to Connecticut art and artists.

    2. To foster increased interest in, and appreciation for, Connecticut art on the part of Connecticut children.

    3. To provide a means whereby Connecticut children might be inspired to explore their own unique talents through artistic expression.

    4. To open avenues of communication between Connecticut artists and Connecticut children so that children will be able to find the information and resources necessary to create their own art.

    5. To give Connecticut artists a unique opportunity to reach out to, and to open a dialog with, the children of our state.

The acceptance for display of any artistic work on these pages does not constitute a commercial endorsement by either the ConneCT Kids Committee or the State of Connecticut. All works displayed are considered to be in the public domain, and may be freely downloaded, copied and distributed provided copies made from this site indicate that the work is reprinted with permission of the author and that the author has the copyright to the work.  Copies should also list the author's name and the title of the reference in which the work appears.

Visiting Artist Archives

Please check back as our site grows to see who has contributed.

  1. Bessy Reyna, an award winning Latina author of poetry and short stories.
  2. Dr. Dennis G. Waring, the instruments maker. 
  3. Alex Datzuk, a highly accomplished artist and his preferred medium is pen and ink.
  4. Jeanine Jackson, portrait and landscape painter.
  5. Thomasina, singer and songwriter
  6. Susan Prentice, painter and graphic designer 
  7. Poet, author and teacher Jan Brennan
  8. Botanical artist Joy Newton
We value your comments and suggestions on our Visiting Artist Program. Please email your comments to
Children should include only their AGE and FIRST name with any comment. DO NOT include LAST NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER. 

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