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Doing a Connecticut Project?

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If you have been assigned a Connecticut Project, ConneCT Kids can help. The Colonial Robin has created a Connecticut Project Helper Booklet which you can download to your home or classroom computer, read, and print the pages you need. You will find information about Connecticut, Connecticut Government, famous Connecticut people, fun facts, Connecticut attractions and special Connecticut places. Teachers may download the booklet for use in their classrooms.

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Doing a Connecticut Project? Download, read and print the ConneCT Kids Connecticut Project Helper Booklet. This 36 page booklet is full of ideas, pictures, facts and suggestions that you can use to help you get started with your project. Included are the following:
    1. 16 cut-outs of selected Connecticut state symbols with pictures and descriptions.
    2. 12 cut-outs of famous Connecticut people with pictures and descriptions.
    3. 8 cut-outs of famous Connecticut places with pictures and descriptions.
    4. Connecticut information and facts.
    5. A fold-out Connecticut outline map (11" x 17") that you can fill in with cities, rivers and roads.
    6. A do-it-yourself Connecticut state flag.
    7. A cut-out Connecticut postcard.
    8. Unusual Connecticut places, people and things.
    9. Connecticut foods and a colonial recipe for a great dessert you can share with your class.
    10. Lots more!
Now you can download and print the Connecticut Project Helper. Just select the link below and save the file on your computer. For best results, a color printer is suggested for printing.
You will need Adobe Acrobate Reader to view the file. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available as a free download from
The Connecticut Project Helper PDF file is fully accessibile, and has been tested with JAWS for Windows  screen reader software. Please report any reading problems to 
If you have Connecticut facts or information that you would like to have included in the Connecticut Project Helper, just send it along to ConneCT Kids at 
If we select your material, you will get full credit in the booklet: "This material submitted by (your name)."
Help make the Connecticut Project Helper the best resource for those Great Connecticut Projects!
Who Can Use This Book and How

This book is intended for use by students when they are working on Connecticut Projects assigned in school. Students may use the pictures and descriptions in their projects without permission, though they should put the descriptions in their own words. Teachers may duplicate the booklet or selected pages as many times as they need for their students. All other uses of this book are prohibited under United State copyright laws without the written permission of the ConneCT Kids Committee. For information, please contact the ConneCT Kids Committee at
These materials may be used as described above.

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