KIDS: The Connecticut State Capitol - 6

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The Connecticut State Capitol - 6

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Visitors to the Capitol can choose to take a free guided tour of its buildings or a self-guided tour of the statuary on the grounds as well as a self-guided tour of the Capitol and Legislative Office Building. Come and see for yourself this important part of your Connecticut heritage!

If you are unable to visit the Capitol, you can take a Tour of the Capitol from your computer by visiting the Connecticut State Capitol Tours Website:

See the State Emblems on the State Capitol, State of Connecticut Website:


Take a tour of the State Capitol or the Legislative Office Building by viewing streaming video tours through the CTN Network.
The links below are to video presentations that are not closed captioned. While this does not comply with our policy to provide accessible content, they are unique presentations that are valuable to students. It is our hope that closed captioned versions will soon be available from the source. As soon as they are, we will link to those versions. 

The Connecticut State Capitol

The Capitol  ( low | high )
The East Atrium ( low | high )

The Hall of Flags ( low | high )

The North Lobby ( low | high )

The Senate ( low | high )

The House of Representatives ( low | high ) 
The Legislative Office Building 
The Main Lobby ( low | high )
The Capitol Concourse ( low | high )  


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