KIDS: The Connecticut State Capitol - 4

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The Connecticut State Capitol - 4

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Inside the Capitol are rooms where the business of Connecticut is carried out. The Capitol is as beautiful inside as it is outside.

{Columns in the Capitol}

The State Senate Chamber and Hall of the House of Representatives are rooms where the two houses of the Connecticut General Assembly meet. Connecticut's Hall of Flags can be found here.

{Senate Chamber}
The Senate Chamber
{House Chamber}
The House Chamber

{The Hall of Flags}
The Hall of Flags

The Genius (Angel) of Connecticut is a model of the statue that once stood on top of the Capitol's dome. (It can be seen on the dome in some old pictures.) The statue stands in the Capitol's lobby.

{Genius of Connecticut Front}
Genius of Connecticut Front
{Genius of Connecticut Right Side}
Genius of Connecticut Right Side

In 1938 a great hurricane hit the eastern coast of the country. The Genius was damaged and people feared that she would fall from the dome. After a long debate, the statue was removed and placed in the basement. In 1942, the piece was donated to the federal government and melted down as part of the war effort to make ammunition and machine parts.

The Charter Oak Chair is in the Senate Chamber. It was carved from the fallen oak tree where Connecticut's charter was hidden in 1687.

{CharterOak Chair}

A statue of Connecticut's official state hero, Nathan Hale, stands inside the Capitol where visitors can see it.

{Nathan Hale Statue}

Visitors, looking up from the main floor, can see the beautifully decorated inside of the dome.

{Inside the Capitol Dome}

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