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Hosting Web Pages
There are al least three ways you can present the webs pages you create on the internet. They have one basic requirement - internet access. Internet access is obtained through an Internet Service Provider (ISP). You will find many internet service providers in the yellow pages of your phone book. 
1. Host Pages on your Own Personal Computer.
Most personal computers today come with the ability to host web pages built in to the operating system. You can find information about activating this service  (if not already activated) in the HELP pages of your operating or by contacting the customer support service for the computer. There are free or inexpensive web design programs available on the internet as well as web hosting software.
Advantages: Price. You already own the computer and are already paying for internet access. Design/hosting programs may be free or inexpensive.
Disadvantages:  Free or inexpensive programs downloaded from the internet may contain spy or malware programs that can take over portions of your computer operation and result in degraded performance and security issues. Extreme infections may require that you completely re-format your hard drive, thereby loosing all of the data it contains or completely replacing the hard drive. Most free or inexpensive programs require that you agree to usage terms prior to download. These term usually contain non-liability clauses releasing the sofware provided from liability due to computer damage.
In order to provide the web pages you create 24 hours a day, the computer will have to be on and connected to the internet service all the time. This can also result in a security risk. If many people access your web pages, other computer functions may be slow or unresponsive.
2. Purchase website space.
Many ISPs also offer website hosting services. Packages vary and may include website design software.
Advantages: Many. The web pages resided on the host service and not your computer. Security issues are eliminated. Also, there is no degrading of the performance of your computer. Depending on the plan you select, software and technical support may be included. Your pages are hosted by a well known provider, and your pages will be easier to find.
Disadvantages: Cost. However, web hosting services usually offer a variety of plans that can be tailored to any budget. You will need to do a considerable amount of shopping to find the best plan for your situation.
3. Publish Web Pages though a Club or Community Organization.
Advantages: Many. If costs are shared, your portion may be small. There is usually plenty of on-site experience and technical assistance available. Instructional programs may be available.
Disadvantages: You may have to use their computers on their time schedule. Tehre may be rules or content restrictions.

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