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Visiting Artist - Alexandria Wong
How did she become an artist? Here is Alexandria's story.
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When I was small…    I’ve always seen the shapes that turn nothing into something. My earliest ‘art memory’ is taking a pencil and drawing on a tattered bit of wallpaper in the living room of our rambling old New England home. A few pencil strokes later and a kitten emerged on the wall, mewing for its dinner. From there I moved on to drawing and painting whenever (and wherever!) I fancied it. My pencil drawings won community and school awards for excellence, but what really mattered to me were the reactions of the viewers. Did they see what I saw? Did they feel what I felt?  I wondered if their experience was what I intended.
Later, as a commercial print designer, I struggled to combine artistic merit with message. I learned typography from an industry veteran. He called us ‘typesetters’ because before computers the letters would be hand placed in the advertisements. As a digital ‘typesetter’ I learned the difference between serifs and sans serifs and how many typefaces you can combine before it becomes gibberish. 
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How do you attract a reader’s eye? I learned that too! All the basic principles of traditional art came together in a magical way to produce a commercial square. When you create advertising the success is easily measured by client satisfaction.
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 Looking for a new challenge I moved on to Web design. What difference! The thrill of making a flat piece of art into a moving, interactive construct has kept me interested for over a decade. I freelance my Web design through my company, New Kid Studio LLC[]. The client sites I’ve built vary from plastics companies to musicians and restaurants. Every day I smile when I sit down at my computer. What a great job!
My Education:  I took my first art class ever during my freshman year of college in Honolulu, Hawaii at Chaminade University[].  It was a cramped class with interior design students running amok. They insisted that the focus of the class be on perspective. I spent half the semester drawing fruit from a bowl. Oh, the patience it taught me. (My mother still hangs the picture in her kitchen.) Sophomore year of college found me lurking around the dusty corners of the University of Southern Maine []. The strong arts program offered many opportunities to view visiting artist’s collections. It convinced me that I would make Fine Arts my minor. Junior year was spent abroad at King Alfred’s College in Winchester, England. I adored the mingling of perspectives and was privileged to study art with many future English artists. Back in the United States of America again, I graduated from the University of Southern Maine, Magna Cum Laude (with high honors).
Living in so many different places and experiencing so many cross cultural perspectives in art taught me to be a great Web designer. The fundamental purpose of Web design is to deliver a message. Creating something that gives meaning, and in most cases conducts business, is a thrill and a challenge. 
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My Challenge:  I'm challenged every day to translate the random pictures and text of clients into meaningful pages on the internet.  I love creating rhythms and flows with color and form on the screen. The Web sites I design will educate, inspire or sell. Using insubstantial light from a computer screen I offer you the world… the World Wide Web, that is.
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