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Visiting Artist - Jan Brennan
Would you like to... be a Poet, an Author?
Have you ever wished that you could write down your thoughts or feelings in a poem or a story? Author/poet/teacher Jan Brennan can help you to get started. You can read the story of how Jan became an author In Jan's Story, or you can read some of her poems on her Samples Page. For help in writing your poems, select the Writing Lesson. Be sure to see her Picture Gallery below. If you have questions about the writing lesson or Jan Brennan's poems, you may email her at .
About Jan
  {Artist Jan Brennan}
Author Jan Brennan holding a copy of her most
recent publication,
Connecting With Connecticut.
 This book is Jan’s attempt to share her love of Connecticut with all of us who live here. For more information contact her publisher, Xlibris.
Connecticut author Jan Brennan has always had a love of books from her early childhood. Now she writes and publishes books in many different forms, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. In addition, Jan is a teacher in the Avon school system where she teaches 7th grade at Avon Middle School. She was recently awarded the Wal-Mart "Teacher of the Year" Award. Select Download to download the entire list of recipients for 2007 (PDF, 268 KB).
She also finds time for a family that includes a husband and four children.
Her poems are often funny when they are about things like the wind and a chipmunk. They can be thoughtful and reflective when they are about feelings and dreams. And they can be instructive about life and living. But they are always enjoyable and fun to read for children and adults. If you read them aloud and listen carefully, you will hear the wonder that is so much a part of childhood. 
  {Author Jan Brennan with a vase of flowers and special signature shirt}
Jan was awarded the Wal-Mart Teacher
 of the Year. Here she is wearing a
 special shirt with all of her 105
 students’ signatures and holding
 a bouquet of flowers given to her
 for this honor.
{Jan Brennan with Family}
Jan Brennan with her family after being
awarded the Wal-Mart
 "Teacher of the Year" Award.
  {Jan Brennan with firends at school}
If it’s not fun, why do it? ! Having some
 fun in the Media Center with her
 colleagues at AMS.
  {Jan Brennan with Poet Laureate Billy Collins}
Jan with her poetry “idol” Billy Collins, a past US
 Poet Laureate.
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