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Visiting Artist - Dennis Waring


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Would you like to... make your own musical instruments?
Visiting Artist Dr. Dennis G. Waring can show you how to make a Bleach Bottle Banjo.

The Instrument Maker
Incredible sights and sounds characterize the presentations of Dr. Dennis Waring. From the Aztecs to the Africans, from the ancient to avant-garde, Dr. Waring uniquely combines music, art, history, geography, and social studies into an insightful program of global awareness. As ethnomusicologist, music consultant, educator, performer and instrument maker, Dr. Waring has developed and invigorated arts and humanities programs in hundreds of institutions throughout North America. His visionary programs are based on thirty years of experience working with people of all ages in both academic and recreational situations.

A multi-instrumentalist, expert craftsman, and author of the book, Great Folk Instruments To Make and Play, Dr. Waring is at home with all musical styles, folk to fusion, and regularly performs using his own handcrafted instruments. In addition to presenting outreach programs, Dr. Waring teaches American Music, World Music and Music Education courses at the university level and performs regularly with the Sirius Coyote world music ensemble.

The most distinctive characteristic of Dr. Waring's shows is that he makes most of the instruments he demonstrates. In keeping with the themes of ecological awareness and recycling, Waring shows how to make instruments from materials which are usually thrown away as garbage: Simple guitars are made from plastic containers, sticks and fishing line; sweet sounding flutes assembled from lengths of water pipe; xylophones fashioned utilizing scrap wood and twine; drums built using industrial tubes and natural or synthetic skins. By making musical instruments from scrounged materials, we not only symbolically help our environment but also learn much concerning art and craft, acoustics and the science of sound, and gain multicultural insight and appreciation by examining the clever ways people of the world have created their magical, mythical, musical devices.

If you have any questions for Dr. Waring, you can contact him through ConneCT Kids at or visit the Waring Music Website at 

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