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Visiting Artist -  Thomasina

Would you like to... be a Singer/Songwriter ...write and sing your own song?

ConneCT Kids is privileged to be able to present Thomasina, a multi-talented singer, songwriter and instrument maker from Litchfield, Connecticut.

About Thomasina

Litchfield, CT musician, Thomasina, sings and plays the mountain dulcimer, a unique American instrument which has three or four strings. It's a member of the zither family of instruments.

She only uses her first name professionally because her full name is very long- Thomasina Marie Theresa Mineo Levy. That's too many words and letters to put on a letterhead, so she just uses her first name. It may be an unusual name to most people, but she even has an aunt with the same first name. Her friends call her Sina. 

  {Thomasina with dulcimer}

Thomasina was born and raised in the Buffalo, NewYork area. She obtained her B.S. degree in Psychology and Human Services at SUNY Buffalo and her Master of Science degree in Special Education at SUC at Buffalo. Although she does not have a degree in music, she has been singing and playing various instruments her entire life. She played the violin, piano and guitar as a child. Some of her fondest memories as a girl was being at Girl Scout Camp Seven Hills in the summer and singing and playing her guitar with friends around a campfire. 

Thomasina is married and has two boys, Benjamin (17 years) and Zachary (14 years).
She first encountered a mountain dulcimer at a craft fair in West Virginia when she was eighteen years old. She loved the quiet, gentle sounds it made when it was plucked or strummed. It seemed easy to play too- the first song she played was Go Tell Aunt Rhody, a traditional mountain song. She received one as a gift two years later and has loved it the most out of all the instruments she plays.

{Thomasina playing dulcimer}

Sometimes people tell her not everyone can sing or play music. But, she doesn't agree with this because she believes that music is in each of us and that we can all create beautiful sounds with our voices, bodies and instruments. One of the things she loves to do best is to help children create their own music, either by using their voices, simple percussion instruments or playing the dulcimer. The dulcimer is an easy instrument to learn how to play because you don't have to know how to read music. You just need to know your numbers up to 12 and be able to place your fingers on the strings with your left hand and strum with the right. If you would like to make your own dulcimer,  kits are available at Backyard Music. Completed dulcimers may be purchased at Folkcraft Instruments in Winsted, Connecticut

Thomasina also enjoys teaching children to make their own simple instruments from common items we can find in our environment. Rainsticks can be made with mailing tubes, rice, tissue paper, glue and nails. A Native American woman named Black Snake Woman taught her how to make an easy Native American rhythm instrument called a Dancing Stick.

Her latest recording, "Chasing Cloud Shadows, " is being played on radio stations all over the world, and has been selected to be on Acoustic Rainbow's nationally released compilation CD which will be released in February, 2004. In Connecticut, her music can be heard on The Upper Room with Joe Kelly, WVOF Radio 88.5FM, Fairfield University Radio.

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