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Visiting Artist - Jeanine Jackson
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 Still Life Paintings  Landscapes

   Still Life Paintings

{Blooming flower portrait}

{Bupas portrait}

{Citizen Of the Year portrait}

Blooming Flower


Citizen Of the Year

{Jessica Knitting portrait}

{Mother and Daughter portrait}

  {Shannon portrait}

Jessica Knitting

Mother and Daughter

{The Meet portrait}


{Players portrait}

The Meet

Ianthe' in Pink Slippers





{Tall Ships in Stamford Harbor landscape}

{Brant Light landscape}

{Nantucket Antiques landscape}

Tall Ships in Stamford Harbor

Brant Light

Nantucket Antiques

{Binney Snow landscape}

{Surfside landscape}

{Power on the Seine landscape}

Binney Snow


Power on the Seine

{Conwy Castle landscape} {Mendham Garden landscape} {Early Fall landscape}
Conwy Castle Mendham Garden Early Fall

If you have any questions you can email  Jeanine Jackson at

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