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Visiting Artist - Jeanine Jackson
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Drawing Lesson 4
We all know how important good relationships are between friends, family, and in business. They are also very important when drawing and painting. The standard measure for figures is in "heads." A typical teenager measures 7 heads. The typical adult measures 8 heads.
Do you have a big head?
With a partner, take turns measuring each other. Head first, then head-to-toe. How many heads high is he/she?

{Head heights}

Simple Figure Drawing: Try to pencil-draw your partner as a simple outline. Start with the head. Then mark off how many heads high that person is and draw a line where the feet should end. About 4 heads down is where the legs should start. The fingers end around mid thigh. Keep this part very simple. Add hair and eyes only if time permits.

{Teenager proportions}

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