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Drawing Lesson 3

How Do Artists Know What to Paint?

When we are outside, there is so much around us… Trees, billions of leaves, sky, grass, flowers….

The VIEWER is used to help us look at large areas outdoors and to"see" our painting before we begin to draw or paint. Pick up your viewer and hold it in front of your eyes. Look for a view that has 4 major areas in it:

{Sky and clouds value} Sky and clouds. These are usually the lightest of all.

{Distant horizon value} A distant horizon. Like mountains, or hills. These are usually light and a little fuzzy because of the air, moisture and dust in between you and the objects far away.

{Middle ground value} A middle ground. This can be a mix of middle values, and more general shapes since you are closer to them.

{Foregorund value } A foreground - closest to you. This is where you'll usually find the darkest values - such as the bark of a tree. You will also find the most detail here - such as petals on a flower.

Looking:  Take only your viewer, pencil, and paper.

Walk around. Find your favorite spot with all 4 areas: sky, distance, middle, and foreground. Do this part alone.

Do you like a lot of sky? Or very little sky?Mover the viewer, and not your head to decide where to place the horizon line, and whether you want a horizontal or vertical painting.

{Using a viewer}

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