KIDS: Visiting Artist - Jeanine Jackson Drawing Lesson 2

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Visiting Artist - Jeanine Jackson
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Drawing Lesson 2
The 4-Value Key
{4 Value Key number 10} {4 Value key number 6} {4 Value key number 4} {4 Value key number 2}
 10     6      4      2   = Numbers that describe values
GOOD VALUES! The 4-Value Key will help us to see darks and lights outdoors. Even here, relationships are important. When artists draw or paint, we want to know more than what basic colors we see. We need to know more than if something is dark or if it is light. We need to know if the part we are about to paint is lighter or darker than the other parts in our picture. This is a simplified version of a famous tool to help us do just that. It was developed many years ago by Munsell, and has been used by thousands of artists ever since. Let's start with grey.
With your pencil, draw 4 squares on paper. Leave the far left square white and write the number 10 underneath. Make the one on the right as DARK as you can! Write a "2" underneath it. Absolute black would be a "0", but, outdoors there is so much light from the sun, we only find as dark as "2" in nature. The middle values can then be filled in, 6 being lighter than 4. Once you are comfortable with this, use your pencil to make another 4-Value Key directly onto your viewer.

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