KIDS: Visiting Artist - Jeanine Jackson Drawing Lesson 1

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Visiting Artist - Jeanine Jackson

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Drawing Lesson 1

What you will need


__Plain Paper   __Pencil   __Soft Eraser   __Tape Measure   __Hat

__Paper Towels   __Garbage Bag

__Viewer (Cardboard or heavy paper with opening 4" x 5.5" or 8" x 10"

              We will add the 4 values key from white to black during lesson.

__Painting Surface 8" x 10" preferred. (Masonite covered with gesso, watercolor  paper, or Canvas.)

__Mixing Cups 5 per participant

Acrylic or Water Color Paints:  __White   __Yellow   __Red   __Blue   __Black

__Paint Brush    __Wax Paper for blending colors   __Adhesive Tape

__Cardboard approx. 8x10   __Camera is optional

{Materials List}

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See Jeanine's Portrait and Landscape Gallery

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