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Visiting Artist -  Jeanine Jackson

Would you like to... be an Artist?

Experience Portrait and Landscape art with Visiting Artist Jeanine Jackson.  For drawing and painting lessons, begin by selecting Drawing Lesson 1. Also, be sure to visit Jeanine's Portrait and Landscape Gallery!

About Jeanine

  {Artist Jeanine Jackson in her studio}   

Award-winning, Stamford, CT artist, Jeanine Jackson has been creating in various media for 25 years.

Since 1998, she has made oil painting her full-time profession with a focus on Portraits and Landscapes in the style that has been called "The New American Impressionism."

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Ms. Jackson is an alumnus of the University of Florence, Italy, W.I.C.E, Paris, and the Silvermine School of Art. As a disciple of Master Impressionist, George Passantino, Jackson subscribes to the school of
portraiture that strives to create a beautiful painting in addition to an accurate likeness. Ms. Jackson also serves on the board of directors of the Art Society of Old Greenwich and the environmental nonprofit,
SoundWaters.  She is also Founder and Co-Chair of the Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists, an affiliate chapter of the American Society of Portrait Artists.

"Impressionism can be more real than realism when you consider nothing
in nature is completely at rest." Jeanine Jackson

Drawing Lesson 1

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