KIDS: Visiting Artist - Susan Prentice Drawing Lesson 4

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Wax Resist Crackle Drawing Lesson 4

7. Get your dark poster paint ready. I used purple. Thin it out with a little with water if it's too thick.

8. Paint the dark paint over your entire drawing using your sponge. I cut a off a piece of the sponge so it wouldn't be as messy. Try to get the paint over the entire crayon drawing. Don't let the paint dry.

{Applying paint to crayon drawing}
{Crayon drawign covered with paint}






9. Now take a paper towel and wipe away the excess paint. You will probably need to dampen a second paper towel and wipe off more paint. Your drawing will start to reappear with this very pretty crackle finish!

{Removing paint from drawing with paper towel}

10. When I hold my drawing up to a bright window it looks like a stained glass window. Admire what an pretty piece of art work you have created!!

{Finished drawign}
{Finished drawing detail}
Do you have questions about becoming an artist or about the drawing lesson? You can email Susan Prentice at

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