KIDS: Visiting Artist - Susan Prentice Drawing Lesson 3

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Visiting Artist - Susan Prentice
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Wax Resist Crackle Drawing Lesson 3

4. Now color your drawing with your crayons. It is very important to cover the paper very heavily with your crayons. Don't leave very much white paper showing at all. I colored the bear with "warm" colors. Those are your red, orange, yellow and brown toned crayons.

{Coloring teddy bear drawing with crayons}

 Then I colored the background with "cool" colors. Those are your blue, purple and green toned crayons.

{Finished coloring teddy bear}

5. When your coloring covers the page really well you crumple up the paper. Don't be too rough with your paper but make sure it is very well crumpled. You don't want to make any rips or holes!

6. Flatten the paper out. Put some newspaper down on your table because this could get messy.

{Teddy bear drawing crinkled and flattened}

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