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Visiting Artist - Susan Prentice


Would you like to... be an Artist?

Explore Still Life, Landscape and Graphic Design art with Visiting Artist Susan Prentice.  For a drawing and painting lesson, begin by selecting Wax Resist Crackle Drawing. Also, be sure to visit Susan's Art and Graphics Gallery!

About Susan

Award winning artist and graphic designer Susan Prentice was born in 1953 and grew up in Darien, Connecticut with three sisters and a brother. She was the only artistic one in her family, and was always drawing from a very early age. She  entertained her fourth grade classmates by drawing the characters from a popular TV cartoon "The Flintstones". Susan is a multi-talented artist/designer who has a keen eye for detail, a love of the natural world, and a wonderful sense of humor (see Room With a View).

Susan's Remembrances

In my town we were fortunate to have art teachers who challenged us with unusual lessons in graphic art such as silk screening and inventing new letterforms. We were encouraged to do the unique and unusual. There were many talented kids, and we were fortunate to be in an environment with really creative teachers who laid the groundwork for many students to pursue art as a career.

{Susan with paintings}

I went on to The School of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. While there, I majored in Illustration but took classes in photography, printmaking, advertising and fine arts as well. It was fun being creative and doing art all the time. I was given an award for "Outstanding Senior in Illustration" and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

I learned how to work really hard while there. I would work on drawings for 20 or 30 hours and that prepared me for all the hard work to come in the working world of commercial art.

I moved to the Hartford area and worked as an art director at Keiler Advertising in Farmington. We had fun, worked hard and did good work! Doing layouts for ads and brochures kept my drawing skills honed. That was before commercial artists started doing everything with computers.

{Susan at the computer}

But soon I wanted to be independent. So when I turned 30 I began to freelance and get work on my own. Soon, computers took the place of all the work we used to do by hand. But I kept drawing because I didn't want to lose my skills.

When I was in my late 40's I decided to do something that had always been my dream: to paint oils on canvas, show my work and sell it.

So now that dream is becoming a reality. I've been in shows, won awards and sold paintings!

{Susan with painting}

I love nature and the beautiful open spaces still available in New England. I keep a digital camera with me at all times and take photos that I can work from later. I love to paint landscapes and flowers and people, too. There is so much beauty in the world and I want to preserve that beauty in my paintings and share it with others.

 Wax Resist Crackle Drawing Lesson

See   Susan's Art and Graphics Gallery

Do you have questions about becoming an artist or about the drawing lesson? You can email Susan Prentice at

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