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Special People and Events 
{Colonial Robin in the Spotlight}

Connecticut Teen Writes a Cookbook that Helps You Study for the S.A.T. Tests - Connecticut teen author Charis Freiman-Mendel has written a new cookbook that can help you cook great food and prepare for the S.A.T. tests - Cook Your Way Through the S.A.T..

New Canaan Country School 4th Graders Restock River with Salmon - The salmon release was the final step in a scientific study of salmon, ecology and environmental issues

Prudence Crandall Statue 
There is a new statue of the Connecticut State Heroine, Prudence Crandall in the State Capitol. Read about the statue and the story behind it!
Name the Turtle. Where is this turtle? Help ConneCT Kids give the turtle a name.
{Small Turtle Statue}
In the SpotlightThe Bat Lady - Feature Story

Events - Special events at schools, museums or other Connecticut non-profit organizations just for kids.

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