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The opening day of trout fishing season is Saturday April 13, 2019, 6:00AM.
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Kids love to fish, and the Connecticut Department of Energy Environmental Protection has made it easy for families to enjoy fishing together at the special Trout Parks throughout the State.
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 A Trout Park is a pond or stream that will be stocked weekly with trout from the state’s fish hatcheries.
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11 water bodies in Connecticut have been designated as Trout Parks. Trout Parks are located in easily accessible areas to enhance trout fishing opportunities for young anglers and novice anglers as well as for those with mobility challenges. The frequent stockings, generally between Opening Day and Memorial Day, will greatly increase an angler’s chances of catching a fish, making it a more attractive "fishing hole", particularly to children and families.

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Although the Trout Parks will have more fish in them, their daily creel limit (the number of trout an angler can keep) has been reduced from five to two fish per day in order to spread the catch among a greater number of anglers.

Other Trout Parks stocked prior to Opening Day:

  • Day Pond, Colchester
  • Kent Falls State Park, Kent
  • Natchaug River, Eastford
  • Spaulding Pond, Norwich 
  • Valley Falls Pond, Vernon

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Fishing begins at 6:00 AM, so dress the kids - girls and boys - in layers so you can keep them comfortable. Your local sporting goods shop can give you advice about bait and tackle, but keep it simple. Often the biggest and best fish are caught by first-timers on cheap tackle. Bring lots of snacks and some games in case the fish are slow to bite. Have a great time fishing with your kids!
Fishing Without Falling  Information about a guide book to easy places to fish in Connecticut
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Youth Fishing Passport
Your ticket to great fishing activities and giveaways in Connecticut  
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If you are under 16 years of age, get your YOUth Fishing Passport now! It's free! It gives you access to a wide variety of fun events. On-line signup available. (Get parental/guardian permission before you register.)

Detailed instructions to get your YOUth Fishing Passport
The YOUth Fishing Passport is your invitation to many great fishing destinations in Connecticut.  By registering for free in the CT DEEP Online Sportsmen Licensing System you will be issued a lifetime Conservation ID number and be able to print your Passport.  Passport holders will have the opportunity to participate in fishing activities specifically designed for them.  In addition, passport holders may receive a variety of benefits from supporting organizations and participating stores.
Learn about the fishing rules before you go fishing
Online Fishing Guide
Activities available to YOUth Fishing Passport holders:
  • Fishing Challenge - Try to catch at least one of every type of fish on the official list.  Catch the most and be recognized at the Annual Trophy Fish Award Ceremony.
  • Geo-"Catching" - Try to catch the featured fish from each official location.  Visit the most locations and be recognized at the Annual Trophy Fish Award Ceremony.

Please contact the Inland Fisheries Office with any questions.
Phone: 860-424-FISH (3474)
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No Child Left Inside, a major state initiative, is designed to reconnect families with the outdoors, showcase Connecticut’s state parks and forests and nurture the next generation of environmental stewards. Young people need to learn to appreciate and value the outdoors so there will be adults in the future who will work to protect our environment.
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No Child Left Inside provides the incentive for children to turn off their computers and get outside. A program feature is The Great Park Pursuit, The Connecticut State Parks Family Adventure. Now in its second year, the Great Park Pursuit takes Connecticut families on a tour of state parks and forests throughout the spring. Families follow clues to determine which parks to visit as they compete for outdoor adventure prizes. Activities in the parks include hiking, trout stocking, letterboxing, archery, arts and crafts and so much more. It’s a great way for parents to have quality time with their children while soaking up nature at the same time.
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Visit the No Child Left Inside web site  to learn more about No Child Left Inside and the Great Park Pursuit. The web site will also tell you more about outdoor activities families can enjoy.

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Grab your winter gear, bundle up your children and join us for the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's (DEEP) No Child Left Inside® 13th annual FREE Winter Festival at Burr Pond State Park: 384 Burr Mountain Road, Torrington.  A full range of fun, outdoor winter activities for the entire family will be happening on Saturday, February 2, 2019 from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Activities planned for the day include:
• Ice fishing
• A fish fry
• Snowshoeing
• Ice sculpting and snow play
• Wildlife tracks
• Winter hikes
• Winter games
• Marshmallow roasting
• Bonfire and stories

Join us outdoors with family and friends for an unforgettable winter experience at Burr Pond State Park. Weather permitting, you can try your hand at ice fishing and hopefully reel in a fish, perhaps learn how to snowshoe and play winter games at DEEP's annual Winter Festival," said Commissioner Robert Klee.  "Year after year families look forward to this Festival where they can spend the day outdoors, bonding with each other, meeting new friends, and participating in good old-fashioned fun.

The Festival is FREE and there is no registration required. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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