KIDS: My Wings

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ConneCT Kids Pilot's Wings Print/Download Page
Congratulations, you have earned your ConneCT Kids Pilot's Wings by making a successful flight in your F4U Corsair.  
Printing Directions: For best results, print on a color printer using one of the following methods.
Print page. Use the Printable Version link at the top of this page to print the entire page.
Save to hard drive. Using the RIGHT mouse button, select the image below and then select SAVE PICTURE AS from the menu. Save image to your hard drive and print from there.
{ConneCT KIds Pilot}
Cut out and Wear:
Carefully cut out your pilot's wings and glue them to a piece of heavy white paper or white index stock. If you attach a piece of adhesive Velcro to the back of the wings, you will be able to affix them to most garments.
This image is for individual use by children ONLY. Copyright 2008 by ConneCT Kids and the State of Connecticut. All other uses by permission only.

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