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Tradition, patriotism, and pride in our state have resulted in the official adoption of the emblems and symbols which appear on this page.

{Connecticut Armorial Bearings} Armorial
{State Capitol} State Capitol {State Flag} State Flag
{Great Seal of the State of Connecticut} Great Seal
of the State
{Original Seal of the State of Connecticut} Original Seal
of the State
{Colonial Seal of the State of Connecticut} Colonial Seal
of the State
{Executive Residence } Executive
{Old} "Old"
State House
{First State House } First
State House
{State Tree - The Charter Oak } State Tree
The Charter Oak
{State Flower - Mountain Laurel } State Flower
Mountain Laurel
{State Bird - American Robin } State Bird
American Robin
{State Fossil - Eubrontes Giganteus } State Fossil
Eubrontes giganteus
{State Insect - European Mantis } State Insect
European Mantis
{State Animal - Sperm Whale } State Animal
Sperm Whale
State Fish
American Shad
{State Mineral - Garnet } State Mineral
{State Shellfish - Eastern Oyster } State Shellfish
Eastern Oyster
{State Ship - USS Nautilus } State Ship
USS Nautilus
{State Tartan } State Tartan {State Hero - Nathan Hale } State Hero
Nathan Hale
{State Heroine - Prudence Crandall } State Heroine
Prudence Crandall
Qui Transtulit
State Motto {State Song - Yankee Doodle } State Song
Yankee Doodle
{State Folk Dance - Square Dance} State
Folk Dance
Square Dance
State Troubadour
{State Composer} State Composer
Charles Ives
{Connecticut Poet Laureate} State
Poet Laureate
Marilyn Nelson
State Cantata State Aircraft
Corsair F4U

Reproduced from the Connecticut State Register & Manual with permission of the Secretary of the State.

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