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The State Cantata - "The Nutmeg"

In 2003, the Connecticut General Assembly designated the "The Nutmeg, Homeland of Liberty" cantata by Dr.  Stanley L. Ralph as the State Cantata.  A cantata is a choral composition of solos, recitatives and interludes.

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"The Nutmeg" cantata is nine minutes in length, and relates Connecticut's history, including the names of Native American tribes, through song. It begins with the following lines:

"Beautiful hills and valleys, flatlands which were called plains, rivers and lakes, the soft flowing streams and off to the south, the ocean. Connecticut was a peaceful place, back in its early beginning." 

The cantata has the following dedication:

"This Cantata, written expressly for Junior High School voices was first performed by the 1962 Graduating Class from the B. W. Tinker Elementary School in Waterbury, Connecticut

Miss Mary Rotella, Principal of the school, ignited the spark which inspired me to write "The Nutmeg."

Dedication is here made to my wife and children, Miss Rotella, the Graduating Class of 1962, and all who are endeared to Connecticut."

Video and Audio Presentations

The Connecticut Network (CT-N) created video and audio presentations of the only live performance of "The Nutmeg." They have generously allowed ConneCT Kids to post the links to these presentations.

"The Nutmeg" Video Presentation

"The Nutmeg" Audio Presentation

Reproduced from the  Connecticut State Register & Manual with permission of the Secretary of the State.

For further information, contact the Connecticut State Library:

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