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Shad Puzzles, Games and Activities


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{Chad the Shad}

Shad Puzzle* - See if you can solve the Shad Puzzle

Shad Quiz* - Take the Shad Quiz with questions from the material on the Shad pages.

Shad Crossword* - Solve the Shad Crossword puzzle with words from the shad pages.

Shad Fishing Game* - Help Carl catch shad on the Connecticut River in the Canoe Clobber Game

Visit the Haddam Shad Museum - Learn all about shad at the Haddam Shad Museum

Visit the Connecticut River Museum - Learn about Connecticut River history including shad fishing, take a river cruise and visit Essex at the Connecticut River Museum

Have Fun at a Shad Festival or Shad Derby - Enjoy the Shad Derby in Windsor.

See  Migrating Shad at the Holyoke Dam - Visit the Robert E. Barrett Fishway at the Holyoke Dam in Holyoke, Massachusetts, 413-659-3714

The Incredible Journey of the Anadromous Fish- Learn about anadromous fish and play a fun game called "Swim for Your Life!"

Free Fishing Classes at the Department of Environmental Protection - Take a Free Fishing Class and maybe you can catch a shad.

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