KIDS: Favorite Connecticut History Dates

Favorite Connecticut History Dates

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Connecticut History
The Robin's Favorite Connecticut History Dates

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1799 - Eli Whitney procures his first Federal musket contract. In his Haddam armory, Whitney produces high quality, machine made muskets with standard, interchangeable parts using unskilled labor. This was a major contribution to modern manufacturing processes. Find out more about Eli Whitney at the Eli Whitney Museum

1806 - Noah Webster publishes the first abbreviated edition of his dictionary of the American language. The full edition published in 1828 contained 70,000 entries and largely replaced English dictionaries. The American language now had a legitimate reference source. Find out more about Noah Webster at the Noah Webster House Museum

1814 - The Hartford Convention was held at the Old State House. This meeting of Federalist leaders from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, secretly adopted seven proposed amendments to the Federal Constitution that were later accused of being treasonous. Learn more about the Old State House on this page

1817 - Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet establishes a school for the deaf in West Hartford on April 15, 1817. Among his first pupils is Alice Cogswell, the daughter of a Hartford Doctor who was a member of the group who asked Reverend Gallaudet to leave France and open this badly needed school.

1828 - The Farmington Canal is opened. Running from New Haven through Farmington to the Massachusetts line, the canal operated until 1844. Boats on the canal carried goods such as sugar, coffee and flour. Canals were eventually replaced by railroads. Want to read more about the Farmington Canal?

1835 - The First American music school is opened in Salem, Connecticut. Oramel Whittlesey establishes Music Vale Seminary.

1839 to 1841 - The Amistad affair.

1842 - The Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford's first public museum, was established. Want to spend a day at a great museum?

1848 - Slavery is abolished in Connecticut. Find more on abolition and slavery at

1877 - The first telephone exchange in the world is opened in New Haven, Connecticut. Want more information on the City of New Haven?

1900 - First United States Navy Submarine, Holland, constructed by Electric Boat Company. Do you know who John Holland was?

1938 - The 1938 hurricane produces heavy loss of life and property. Want to know about the Great Hurricane of 1938?

1944 - Ringling Brothers Circus tent fire in Hartford. Learn more about this disaster at

2000 - June 1, 2000, the ConneCT Kids Website opens for Connecticut's Kids.

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